Why Amazon Is Unstoppable

Amazon has risen as a top-level E-commerce giant in the last couple of years and it’s no surprise as they were just named the world’s best business. Here we look at a few key reasons as to why Amazon is unstoppable.


With Amazon new Echo being dished out as an all-round personal assistant that can function to play songs, check the weather and even give out facts about your favourite artist and also a drone delivery system in the works, it only seems fair to call this product as an innovation.

Amazon’s overall success can be primarily attributed to their CEO Jeff Bezos, who saw the risk in a product like Echo. But it delivered, with Echo selling over 22 million units in 2017 alone which leads us to the next key reason.

Execution of the highest level

They’ve been exceptionally well when it comes to customer service, with tools that encourage its users to track their packages while also having a steadfast set of customer service employees. With many awards being given to this department, they’ve become a real juggernaut in executing their deliveries.

Amazon’s also building up their plans to invest heavily in Europe, making opportunities for many employees. Their economic presence cannot be denied, with nearly 44% of e-commerce sales in the USA in 2017 coming in just from them.

Wide range of products

If someone in 1995 were to make a crazy prediction that in the year 2017, Amazon, an online bookstore, would turn into an e-commerce giant, they’d better written it on paper. What you’ve got in mind, Amazon has it. That’s how far Amazon has come.

Everything from the latest gadgets, electronics, clothing, music and of course, books are available at the click of a button. This hasn’t just stopped with hands-on commodities. They even provide services like IT support.



Willingness to diversify

Over the span of 23 years, Amazon has gone from selling books online to manufacturing speakers, making fashion apparels, launching a music and video streaming platform and even opening its very own subsidiary that produces TV shows, films and comic books, co-producing movies and TV shows that have gone on to win many accolades such as Manchester By The Sea and Transparent.

They’ve brought something new to every industry they’ve moved to, even though if it meant acquiring a new identity. Although that seems like a magnanimously risky move that could result in the downfall of the establishment with just a small step, they’ve had loyal customers from all over the globe.

Whether it’s food or footwear, games or groceries, there seems to be an aura of immortality when it comes to Amazon and there’s no denying that.